Care Instructions

The jewelry created by Alit Heiman is handmade from high-quality noble metals. The pieces are made of 925 sterling silver or vermeil – 925 sterling silver with 24 karat gold plate. Measurements are approximate – there may be a slight deviation since the jewelry is handmade.

Following are instructions in order to maintain your jewelry in pristine condition:

1. Most of the pieces of jewelry are large and elegant, and should be removed prior to going to bed, taking a shower, or bathing in a pool or in the sea.

2. The base chain – the cable – is a rigid circle. Care must be taken to keep it intact and to avoid bending or twisting it. We recommend that you keep it in its box.

3. All earrings come with a silicone plug that which serves as a stopper to prevent the earring from falling off and getting lost. Place the silicone plug on the post from the back: grasp the post itself and slide the silicone up toward the ear.

Regular earrings come with a small plug that sits on the end of the post and does not have to be pushed up against the ear.

Some earrings, such as the flower that sits on the ear with a long stem extending to the back, come with a plug with wide margins. This plug should be pushed up against the back of the ear in order to stabilize the earring in place.

Silver Jewelry

Any jewelry made of pure silver becomes oxidized with time and tarnishes.

Your jewelry should be cleaned from time to time in order to remove the layer of oxidization.

It can be cleaned with a special silver polishing cloth or with a little toothpaste: gently spread the toothpaste on the silver and rinse clean with water.

Care should be taken when cleaning the chain. Unclasp the chain and rub a polishing cloth smoothly along it from top to bottom, taking care to move in a single direction to avoid wrinkling the chain.

Gold jewelry

Do not spray perfume directly on the piece of jewelry. You should preferably wear the jewelry after spraying perfume.

Avoid contact with creams and cosmetics.

If the piece of jewelry becomes dirty, it can be rinsed with a little water and gently patted dry.

Following these instructions in caring for your jewelry will ensure that it lasts for years to come.